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Posted on: May 29, 2009 3:54 pm

Odds & Ends: Igarashi, Cubs, Cardinals

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Verducci: "It's A Young Man's Game"

SI.com's Tom Verducci links two of the year's most-discussed trends: the demand for young players and the demand for good defense, writing that "the renewed emphasis on defense hasn't helped the value of older players." As a result, teams are reluctant to sign older free agents like Frank Thomas and Jim Edmonds. Many of the older players who signed contracts this offseason are struggling; Verducci mentions Edgar Renteria and Orlando Cabrera among others. Of course it's too early in the season to make sweeping generalizations, but Verducci concludes that baseball's "a young man's game."

Verducci adds that teams like the Tigers and Rangers are playing better because they're defending better. Elvis Andrus has made his mistakes at short for the Rangers, but they're a stronger defensive team this year. Similarly, Brandon Inge and Adam Everett have strengthened the Tigers' defense and helped the team to an 18-16 start. The Rangers (1st) and the Tigers (3rd) are among the best teams in the league at converting balls in play into outs.
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Heyman On Pudge, Pedro, Catalanotto

SI.com's Jon Heyman has a new column up; let's take a look.

  • Heyman says Oakland's "win now" mandate this winter came from owner Lewis Wolff.
  • The Astros and Marlins are interested in Ivan Rodriguez, "no matter what they say publicly."
  • Heyman says Pedro Martinez is "talking up a Dodgers reunion."  So far, there's been no indication the Dodgers are entertaining it.
  • Edgar Renteria's agent was initially asking for a three or four-year deal.
  • It's no surprise that Frank Catalanotto is available, but the $6MM owed to him is an obvious impediment.
  • According to Heyman, Andruw Jones told Rangers brass he's flexible on the March 20th decision date in his contract.
  • Heyman describes the Josh Hamilton extension talks as "just getting going" and believe the John Lackey discussions have only been preliminary.
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Odds and Ends: Nelson, Atkins, Taveras

After a hectic Winter Meetings, it's been a slow weekend.  Today's links...

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Rosenthal's Latest: Byrd, Putz, Wilson

Rumor machine Ken Rosenthal has a new column...

  • Free agent starters C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett are in no hurry to sign. Makes sense; they're obviously special compared to the other starters on the market.
  • Nationals owner Ted Lerner "has spent extensive time" with Scott Boras, presumably in regard to Mark Teixeira.
  • The Cubs want to acquire their left-handed hitting outfielder before worrying about Jake Peavy.  Rosenthal says the trade market is bleak, suggesting free agents such as Raul Ibanez and Milton Bradley might make sense.  As we've said, there is no perfect fit for the Cubs' right field vacancy (unless Brian Giles will waive his no-trade clause).
  • Paul Byrd is "virtually certain" to decline Boston's offer of arbitration.  He aims to pitch near his Atlanta home - the Braves, Marlins, or Rays could work for him.
  • A Rosenthal source pegged Jon Garland's chance of accepting arbitration at less than 50-50.  ESPN's Jerry Crasnick recently indicated it was 75-25 he'd decline.  Buster Olney says "some executives are stunned" that Garland will seemingly not accept.
  • Rosenthal spoke to officials from two teams interested in Mariners closer J.J. Putz.  The Ms haven't decided yet whether to make him available, contrary to a previous report.  Jack Zduriencik apparently doesn't consider his club in rebuild mode.
  • The Giants' signing of Edgar Renteria: "widely panned in industry circles."  Joel Sherman found the same consensus.  This differs from the web, where Keith Law and Dave Cameron liked it.
  • Rosenthal says the Dodgers are not pursuing Jack Wilson; those talks broke down earlier in the offseason.  Who to believe?  He says the Tigers are making a "more serious push."
  • Phillies shortstop prospect Jason Donald is a popular trade target, but the Phils might need him to fill in for Chase Utley at the start of the season.
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Odds and Ends: Renteria, Burnett, Delmon

Interesting linkage this Thursday evening:

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Edgar Renteria Signs With Giants

1:33pm: Henry Schulman says Renteria's deal has a $9.5MM option for 2011 with a $500K buyout.  Also, Renteria can void the option and take the buyout if he's traded during the contract.

10:49am: According to Ken Rosenthal, the Giants signed shortstop Edgar Renteria worth $18.5MM.  Obviously the Giants feel Renteria will bounce back from last year's .270/.317/.382 line.  His defense was below average too, though, and at 33 that may not change.  That Renteria was able to get this deal speaks to the scarcity of available shortstops.

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Stark's Latest: Sabathia, Furcal, Peavy

A few notes from Jayson Stark's latest blog post...

  • Stark believes the possibility of C.C. Sabathia signing with the Giants is alive, and the Giants have talked to the pitcher's agent.  Such a signing might compel Brian Sabean to remove Matt Cain's "untouchable" tag, in Stark's opinion.  Earlier today Ken Rosenthal suggested the Giants were a dark horse for C.C.  Also, Sabathia's wife Amber prefers the Giants according to George King.
  • The Giants offered three years to Rafael Furcal.  He wants four, so they switched their attention to Edgar Renteria.  The Giants want a shorter-term deal so their own prospects can take over within a few years.
  • Stark notes that the recent Jake Peavy-Cubs rumors do not seem to be coming out of Chicago.  He suggests those talks may not be active, partially because the Cubs are in payroll limbo til their sale goes through.
  • The Twins and Dodgers have two year offers out to Casey Blake.  Whichever team blinks and adds a third year can get him.
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