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Odds and Ends: Redding, Turnbow, Looper

Links for Saturday...

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Sherman's Latest: Lowe, Saito, Teixeira

The latest from Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

  • Mets GM Omar Minaya recently admitted he did not expect to pursue A.J. Burnett or Derek Lowe, saying, "I'm probably not going to be in there right now, financially.  Not after spending all the money that I did on K-Rod."  Sherman isn't sold, though - he thinks Lowe's price could drop and give the Mets a shot.
  • The Dodgers haven't received a counter-offer to their two-year, $45MM proposal, so they won't be making another bid.  Sherman adds that they are planning to non-tender Takashi Saito.
  • The A's remain the frontrunners for Rafael Furcal.
  • Sherman says the Nationals have bid seven years and $140MM for Mark TeixeiraThat offer was reported on Wednesday to be eight years, $160MM.  Sherman says the backup plans are Adam Dunn and Orlando Hudson.  I believe the Hudson link is new.
  • The Mariners had tried to pry Jonathan Niese from the Mets for J.J. Putz.  Sherman also notes strong interest in Aaron Heilman.  He says the Mets and Cubs did not discuss Jason Marquis, contrary to reports.
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Odds and Ends: Rule 5, Beltre, Schmidt, Bako

Stray links I've collected over the past few days...

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Mets Sign Francisco Rodriguez

WEDNESDAY, 4:47pm: The Mets officially announced the three-year deal with K-Rod.  David Lennon and Ben Shpigel give inside looks at the negotiations.

TUESDAY, 4:43pm: The Angels didn't get a chance to match the Mets' offer.

3:42pm: Sherman agrees on the fourth year, $14MM vesting option mentioned by Rosenthal.

2:31pm: Sherman says the Mets agreed to terms with K-Rod on a three-year, $37MM deal.  He gets about half as much money as was originally floated.  The Angels will receive the Mets' #25 pick in next year's draft as well as a supplemental pick.

2:12pm: Sherman says K-Rod may be in New York tomorrow for his physical.

1:43pm: Sherman says Kinzer and the Mets are huddled this morning trying to put the finishing touches on the K-Rod deal.  If it gets done, the Mets may move on to Derek LoweRosenthal says the deal includes a $14MM fourth-year vesting option plus performance bonuses.

6:32am: David Lennon of Newsday also speaks of a three-year deal worth $12MM a year being close.

2:46am: Jon Heyman says the Mets appear to be closing in on a deal with K-Rod, likely for three years and about $37MM.  The gap was apparently closed when the Mets guaranteed a third year.  Just a year ago, a lesser, older free agent closer, Francisco Cordero, received four years and $46MM.

12:54am: According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Mets are on the brink of landing Francisco Rodriguez.  His agent Paul Kinzer is more optimistic than ever.  A deal could be done before the end of the Meetings.

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Only Oliver, Weathers Accept Arb Offers

SI.com's Jon Heyman says relievers Darren Oliver and David Weathers were the only two players of the 24 who accepted offers of arbitration.  That means Juan Cruz, Orlando Hudson, Mark Teixeira, Francisco Rodriguez, and Jon Garland declined in addition to those we've already reported.

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Mets To Make Offer To K-Rod Tonight

9:55pm: Ken Rosenthal says the Mets will meet with K-Rod, Fuentes, and Kerry Wood within the next 24 hours.  They won't be making simultaneous offers to all three.  Instead, they'll probably start with an offer to Rodriguez as Heyman mentioned.

8:35pm: According to SI.com's Jon Heyman, Mets GM Omar Minaya is meeting with Francisco Rodriguez tonight and is expected to make an offer.  Internally, the Mets have discussed offering a three-year deal, possibly with a fourth year vesting option.

Minaya has face-to-face meetings planned with Trevor Hoffman and Brian Fuentes as well, which could become unnecessary if K-Rod jumps at the first offer.  Seems unlikely he'd do that.

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Rosenthal's Latest: Teixeira, Closers, Castillo, C

Ken Rosenthal has a new column up, let's take a look at the highlights:

  • Rosenthal doesn't see Mark Teixeira signing with the Nationals, even for the rumored ten-year, $200MM contract. He's got better options in the Angels, Red Sox, and Yankees. Scott Boras managed to get Alex Rodriguez a ten-year deal with a losing team in 2000 when he signed with the Rangers, but Rosenthal doesn't forsee a repeat.
  • The Indians are waiting on the Mets' closer decision to make a decision of their own. Once New York signs or trades for a closer, the market will likely collapse. The Mets are preparing simultaneous offers to Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes, and Kerry Wood.
  • The Brewers could spend big money on a closer once they hear from Ben Sheets and C.C. Sabathia. If the Brewers can somehow retain both, they won't have money to spend on a closer and would likely have to trade Prince Fielder.
  • The Mets are desperately trying to unload Luis Castillo so they can make a run at Orlando Hudson. They're having no luck though, even in trying to swap him for another bad contract. The Rangers rejected a swap of Castillo for Vicente Padilla.
  • Nationals GM Jim Bowden is interested in Willy Taveras. Doesn't make any sense to me. The Nats already have Lastings Milledge, Josh Willingham, Elijah Dukes, and Austin Kearns.
  • The Rockies prefer to keep Garrett Atkins, but the Twins, Dodgers, Giants, and Phillies are all interested. Chase Utley has been a long-time supporter of bringing his former UCLA teammate to the Phils for a reunion.
  • The Marlins are getting several inquiries on Jorge Cantu and Dan Uggla. They don't plan to trade either, though if the Giants were to offer Jonathan Sanchez for Cantu, the Marlins would jump at the chance.
  • Jermaine Dye, Mike Cameron, Marcus Thames, and Marlon Byrd are all available via the trade market, for teams needing a right-handed hitting outfielder. Rosenthal still feels Cameron could still end up in pinstripes.
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Heyman's Latest: Furcal, Sabathia, K-Rod

Jon Heyman has a few new posts on his Fan-Nation blog:

  • Heyman thinks its peculiar that Rafael Furcal passed up his last offer of 4 years, $35-40MM, especially while the shortstop market is thinning out. The Giants signed Edgar Renteria. The Cubs want a lefty-bat. The Braves need to deal Yunel Escobar before they'll be interested in Furcal. Again, Buster Olney noted today that Furcal was asking 4 years, $52MM.
  • Can the Giants afford CC Sabathia? They've already signed Renteria, Jeremy Affeldt, and Bobby Howry. And he would be the team's second $100MM contract having already made the mistake of overpaying Barry Zito. They admit they need a bat more than another arm. And while Sabathia would like to play in San Francisco, would he like to make less than Zito's $18MM on the same team?
  • No surprise that Francisco Rodriguez is sitting atop the Mets closer wish-list. According to Heyman, he's followed by Brian Fuentes, Kerry Wood, and then a combination of Trevor Hoffman and Huston Street, who would need to be dealt from the Rockies. Heyman doesn't complete the list beyond those 4 options and notes that the Hoffman/Street option is a popular idea in the organization. For K-Rod, 3-4 years would be the Mets threshold.
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