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Damon Talks About Future, Varitek

MONDAY: WEEI's Alex Speier talked to Damon.  Damon's stance on the term of his next contract:

"I would like to at least get two years, but we 19ll see what happens. If I need to take a one with an option or a vesting option, then so be it."

Damon also stirred the pot a bit in reference to Jason Varitek:

"I couldn 19t believe that they were letting him walk and try to find a team.  That 19s the difference between New York and Boston...If you 19re a part of New York, they 19re going to keep you there: Posada, Jeter, Mariano, it 19s the first time in history guys have been on the same team for 15 years.  It goes to show you something about how the Yankees think, and how many Yankees players have been exclusive with one team. They keep them forever.  (The Red Sox) were ready to let (Varitek) go. He 19s their starting catcher. That 19s how the two teams work. You know his days are going to be numbered here. But hopefully not -- he deserves to be here until his career is over."

FRIDAY: ESPN's Andrew Marchand has a story up about a Johnny Damon radio appearance on 1050 AM in New York.  Damon, a free agent after the season, hopes to re-sign with the Yankees.  However, he feels the chances are slim based on the team's young outfielders.  Damon specifically mentioned Austin Jackson.

Damon, 35, is hitting .295/.385/.500 in 91 plate appearances on the young season.  Realistically, the Yankees may well look to sign an outfielder this winter.  It just might not be Damon.

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Nationals Sign Josh Bard

10:04pm: Jack Etkin at Inside The Rockies has some details on the Bard signing. He writes that the Red Sox "decided to keep George Kottaras, 25, who was out of options" as a back up for Jason Varitek. Etkin continues:

"By releasing Bard on Wednesday, the deadline for paying  a player 30 days termination pay, the Red Sox owed him about $279,000. Had they waited one more day to release him, they would have owed Bard 45 days termination pay or about $418,000."

7:42pm: Chico Harlan of the Washington Post writes that Bard will join what Nationals GM Mike Rizzo calls "a competitive situation." Bard will battle Wil Nieves and Javier Valentin for the backup catcher spot.

2:26pm: According to MLB.com's Bill Ladson, the Nationals signed catcher Josh Bard to a minor league deal.  Bard had been signed but then released by the Red Sox.

Bard, 31 in March, had a couple of pretty solid seasons for the Padres in 2006 and 2007.  He dealt with ankle and elbow injuries last year.  It's a nice signing for the Nationals.

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Red Sox Catching: Bard, Montero, Kottaras

Tony Massarotti of the Boston Globe has a wrap-up of the Red Sox' catching situation heading into the beginning of the 2009 season.

Even after signing Jason Varitek, the Red Sox were rumored to have been continuing their pursuit of a trade for a young catcher. In today's article, Massarotti writes that at the beginning of Diamondbacks camp, Miguel Montero was informed that "no deals were imminent." Instead, it appears the Red Sox will stick with Josh Bard for now.

However, Massarotti also mentions another interesting in-house option for the Red Sox in George Kottaras. Massarotti summarizes Kottaras' situation:

Kottaras is out of options and could be a threat to beat out Bard, though the more likely scenario is that the Red Sox are trying to increase Kottaras 19 trade value so that they do not simply lose him on waivers.

It's probably going to be 'Tek and Bard on Opening Day. We'll see if the Red Sox end up acquiring, or even trading away, any young catchers in the meantime.

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Odds And Ends: Anderson, Griffey, Varitek

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Odds and Ends: Wieters, Varitek, Ohman

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Reactions To Jason Varitek Signing

Here are some reactions to the Jason Varitek signing. To recap, the Red Sox will pay him $5MM this year, and they'll have the option of bringing him back for the same price in 2010. If the Red Sox don't exercise their option, Varitek can exercise a $3MM player option with incentives.

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Jason Varitek, Red Sox Reach Agreement

1:28pm: Contract details from Massarotti:

Varitek will earn $5MM in 2009, with the club holding a $5MM option for 2010. If the Red Sox do not pick up that option, Varitek has the choice of remaining with the club on a $3MM deal. In '10, he can earn another $2MM in incentives based on playing time, beginning at 80 games started.  The incentives apply to the player option only. 

The Boston Herald breaks down the 2010 bonuses.  ESPN's Jayson Stark and Jerry Crasnick add:

Had he declined or not responded, the team was gearing up to trade for another catcher.

1:01pm: From Jon Heyman: the Red Sox reached an agreement on a two-year deal with Varitek.

12:38pm: Nothing too huge here, but check out Massarotti's latest.  He says a resolution is expected by day's end.

8:57am: Joe McDonald of the Providence Journal says there's no morning deadline, though "a decision is likely to be made by this afternoon."   WEEI's Alex Speier and ESPN's Jayson Stark heard something similar.

8:35am: So that deadline on Boston's contract offer to Jason Varitek...what time zone is it in?  Tony Massarotti believes it's 11:30 EST.  As Massarotti has said, Varitek is "seriously considering sitting out the 2009 season or retiring rather than accepting the offer."

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Jason Varitek Rumors: Thursday

7:58pm: Alex Speier of WEEI provides us with a Varitek-relevant quote from Curt Schilling's appearance on the Big Show:

1CI 19ve talked with Jason a couple different times about this. I think there 19s probably some discussion going on around the parameters of a deal since it was put on the table. In fact, I know there (has been). I think you 19re going to end up with a deal that nets Jason the $10 million over two years, somehow guaranteed or tied into some incentives, that keeps him here, or I think he might end up taking the one-year deal. I 19m not positive, but at the end of the day I think it 19s going to be Jason Varitek catching for the Boston Red Sox, which is really all I care about."

5:01pm: Former teammate Sean Casey had this to say on the MLB Network Thursday:

"I'd be shocked if 'Tek doesn't come back to Boston. The fans love him there. The guys in that clubhouse love 'Tek. I can't imagine Jason Varitek putting on a uniform besides the Boston Red Sox. I saw him a few weeks ago. I know he wants to come back to the Red Sox. So I hope they get that done. I think it would be good for both sides, no doubt about it, especially that pitching staff."

3:50pm: Varitek faces a Friday morning (8:30am) deadline, says Tony Massarotti.  Massarotti's source adds that Varitek is "very seriously considering the option of sitting out the 2009 season and/or retiring rather than accepting the contract offer made to him last week."

Massarotti adds that the Red Sox are expected to reopen trade talks for Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Miguel Montero, independent of Varitek.

9:55am: A quote from WEEI's Michael Holley in regard to Jason Varitek this morning:

"I have moles who have told me if the deadline were today, no deal."  Catch the audio here, about 13 minutes in.

The deadline is tomorrow.  Michael Silverman noted today that if Varitek declines the current $5MM plus an option offer, the Red Sox would either move on or make a lesser offer.

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