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Odds & Ends: Hunter, Keppinger, Swisher

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Odds & Ends: Swisher, La Russa, Twins

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Braves Leaning Toward Internal Options In OF

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick talked to Braves GM Frank Wren, who says the Braves are more likely to try their young outfielders than acquire a veteran outfielder after failing to sign Ken Griffey Jr.

Crasnick adds that the Braves "aren't very excited" about Garret Anderson and have little to no interest in Jim Edmonds and Luis Gonzalez.  He says the salaries of Xavier Nady or Nick Swisher might be prohibitive.  Pure speculation on my part - the Braves could definitely afford Luke Scott if he's available for trade.

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Braves Rumors: Glavine, Outfielders

1:29pm: David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution offers thoughts on the Glavine situation.

10:42am: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has the latest on the Braves.

Rosenthal believes the Braves have $6-8MM to work with, as they try to re-sign Tom Glavine and add an outfielder.  The outfield situation is of greater priority.

The Braves had a positive meeting with Glavine on Wednesday; Rosenthal says their offer gives the lefty "the chance to make $3MM -- a $1MM guarantee, $1MM if he made the Opening Day roster and $1MM if he was on the roster 60 days."  Glavine is said to be seeking $3MM guaranteed plus incentives.  He wants to retire a Brave, and is intent on pitching in 2009.

As for the outfield, Rosenthal says the Braves are "checking into" free agents such as Garret Anderson, Luis Gonzalez, Jim Edmonds, and Ken Griffey JrESPN's Jerry Crasnick wrote earlier today that the Mariners are making progress with Griffey.  Rosenthal says a Nick Swisher trade "also remains possible, but the Braves almost certainly could land one of the free agents for less than the $5.3MM that Swisher will earn in 2009."  Swisher is guaranteed an additional $16.75MM for 2010-11, if his 2012 option for $10.25MM is declined.

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Glavine, Braves Have 'Positive' Meeting

8:36pm: MLB.com's Mark Bowman heard from Glavine, who also described the meeting as "positive." He said he wants to sign with the Braves and sounds hopeful that he will. Frank Wren said he had a "good meeting" with Glavine.

Since Glavine's willing to accept a contract with deferred money, Bowman suggests this deal could work: $2MM guaranteed with up to $4MM in deferred incentives over the next five years.

7:38pm: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports hears that the Braves met with Tom Glavine today and offered him a deal that could be worth up to $3MM. Rosenthal's sources confirm Jerry Crasnick's earlier report: the deal would guarantee Glavine $1MM, pay him another million for making the team out of Spring Training and pay him the final million if he's on the Braves' roster for 60 days.

Glavine's agent, Gregg Clifton described the meeting as "amicable and positive" and said the two sides are still exchanging ideas. The Nationals are an option for Glavine if he doesn't reach an agreement with Atlanta.

The Braves have $6-8MM left to spend, but they'd also like to add an outfielder. Rosenthal describes Nick Swisher, who makes $5.3MM this year, as the Braves' most likely option. If Atlanta expects the Yankees to pick up any of Swisher's salary, they'd likely have to part with "higher quality prospects."

Rosenthal adds that Glavine could wait until March, when he turns 43, to sign. If injuries occur in Spring Training more teams could need starters.

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Fallout From Abreu And Dunn Deals

Let's look at the fallout from today's big news. The Angels have reached an agreement with Bobby Abreu and the Nats have done the same with Adam Dunn, but, as many of our commenters have noted, other teams and players are affected by these deals. Here's a breakdown:

  • The Dodgers lose a lot of leverage in their negotiations with Manny Ramirez. Dunn was their preferred alternative to Manny, and Abreu was another possibility. Unless GM Ned Colletti wants to trade for a bat or sign a much lesser hitter, he may have to give in to Manny and offer three years or an enhanced one or two year deal.
  • Manny Ramirez and Scott Boras must be smiling tonight. The two strongest suitors for Manny, the Dodgers and Giants, still need bats, but Manny's the only top-notch outfielder left.
  • The Braves lose leverage. They've considered trading for Xavier Nady or Nick Swisher, but with Dunn and Abreu off the board, and Manny out of reach, the Braves might have to give up more in a trade with the Yankees.
  • The Yankees, in turn, benefit from these two deals because they can demand more from the Braves. Peter Abraham thinks the Yankees should hold onto Swisher and Nady.
  • Garret Anderson and Ken Griffey Jr. are now the best remaining alternatives to Manny, so they could both benefit from today's deals.
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The Corner Outfield-DH Market

There are still many jobless players who could contribute as a corner outfielder or a DH, so it's a good time to take stock of the market. Manny Ramirez, Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu are the big names, but Garret Anderson, Andruw Jones, Luis Gonzalez, Jim Edmonds and Ken Griffey Jr. want jobs and Jermaine Dye, Xavier Nady and Nick Swisher could be available through trades.

Here's a look at the teams who have reportedly had interest in this type of player, starting in the AL:

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O'Brien On Braves' Outfield Options

David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on the Braves' quest to add a power-hitting outfielder:

We think they 19d like to make it one of these guys, maybe in this order of preference:  1. Bobby Abreu (we 19ll explain), 2. Xavier Nady or Nick Swisher (both Yankees, one or the other expected to be traded), and 4. (there can 19t be a No. 3 if two guys are tied for No. 2) Adam Dunn, whose asking price (reportedly $14MM per year) is still way, waaay above what the Braves have to spend.

O'Brien says the Braves have roughly $5-9MM to work with, and they also hope to sign Will Ohman and Tom Glavine.  O'Brien then runs through the pros and cons of adding Abreu, Nady, Swisher, and Dunn.

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