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Odds & Ends: Sano, Kieschnick, Strasburg

A few links for Thursday night:

  • In a Q&A, Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette discusses the Pirates' chances of signing Dominican prospect Miguel Angel Sano, how they might replace Adam LaRoche at 1B if he is traded, and whether they might seek frontline starting pitching via trade. 
  • Todd Coppernoll at Brewersfan.net has an interview with former major leaguer Brooks Kieschnick, the first player to hit a home run as a pitcher, a pinch hitter, and as a DH. This is a fascinating account of the rise and fall of a ballplayer. Key quote: "I knew my career was in trouble the minute the Cubs drafted me." 
  • Jonathan Mayo at MLB.com makes his predictions for the top 10 picks in June's First-Year Player Draft. Not surprisingly, Stephen Strasburg tops the list.
  • Jim Callis at Baseball America says that Strasburg leaving Wednesday's game with back cramps is not cause for alarm. 
  • Callis also offers his predictions for which players will fall in the draft due to signability concerns. He puts OF Donavan Tate, RHP Jacob Turner, and LHP Matthew Purke on the top of the list. Tate and Turner are Scott Boras clients and Purke is advised by Select Sports Group.
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Odds & Ends: Boras, Francoeur, Cubs

Links for Tuesday...

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Draft Update: Giants, Mariners, Braves, Nats

ESPN.com's Keith Law has an update on various teams and players as the June draft approaches. Here are some highlights; the original article has more detail.

  • The Giants are strongly considering taking a high school pitcher with their sixth overall pick.
  • Expect the Mariners to take Dustin Ackley, North Carolina's first baseman, with their first rounder.
  • Ackley's teammate, righty Alex White, pitched in front of four GMs Thursday: Brian Sabean (Giants), Neal Huntington (Pirates), Jack Zdurencik (Mariners) and Mike Rizzo (Nationals).
  • ESPN.com's Jason A. Churchill reports that White did not impress. Check out Churchill's article for more analysis of some top amateur players.
  • The Braves are expected to take Zack Wheeler, a local prep star. 
  • The Nationals don't get a compensation pick if they fail to sign the player they draft with their tenth overall pick because that pick is itself compensation for failure to sign Aaron Crow last year. Nats GM Mike Rizzo says he's going to draft the best available player there, regardless of signability.
  • Some teams are losing interest in Kentucky lefty James Paxton, who chose Scott Boras as his advisor and pitched poorly afterwards.

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Your Perception Of Boras

Joe Posnanski has an interesting blog post today about how difficult it is to shake off our early biases.  He uses Scott Boras as an example, specifically Selena Roberts' account of the Alex Rodriguez-Mariners negotiations of 1993.  Roberts' book frames these negotiations in typical anti-Boras fashion, despite signs that the Mariners may have been trying to take advantage of Rodriguez and his mother.

Posnanski's post reminds me of last year's Pedro Alvarez grievance.  Initially most of us viewed the grievance as standard Boras greed, an attempt to gain free agency for Alvarez or at least a bigger contract.  But in his September 16th article, Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus suggested MLB's deadline extension gave leverage to the Pirates while also taking away Alvarez's right of representation.  Viewed in that light, Boras had an obligation to object.

Today's question: how do you perceive Scott Boras?  Is he ruining the game, just doing his job, or something in-between?

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Odds & Ends: Byrd, Fox, Kobayashi

Links for Monday...

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Nats GM Confirms Plans To Draft Strasburg

3:03pm: According to AOL Fanhouse's Ed Price, Rizzo was actually in attendance for Strasburg's no-no.  The love fest has begun. 

11:56am: Stephen Strasburg threw a no hitter last night, as MLB.com's Jonathan Mayo reports. The San Diego State righty struck out 17 along the way, walking two. This just cements what we already knew: Strasburg is the country's amateur player

Chico Harlan of the Washington Post heard this from acting Nationals GM Mike Rizzo about Strasburg:

"If the draft was today, he'd be our guy. But the draft is a month from now, so a lot of things can happen. Guys can turn up their intensity and their performance, a lot of things can happen in a month. But if it was today, he'd be our guy."

MLB.com's Bill Ladson reports that Rizzo met with Strasburg's agent, Scott Boras, earlier in the week. The Nationals have the first overall pick in the draft and are expected to select Strasburg. Rizzo told Boras he planned to scout Strasburg's Friday night start, but they didn't discuss Strasburg in detail or talk about a contract for the pitcher. 
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Odds And Ends: Bay, Boras, Danks

Links for Friday afternoon...

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Draft Update: Strasburg, Scheppers, Paxton

ESPN.com's Jason A. Churchill has an update on some top amateur players as June 9th draws closer:

  • He confirms what we heard last week: Barring the unforseen, the Nats will select Stephen Strasburg with the first overall pick. 
  • Scouts expect Tanner Scheppers, who was drafted but never signed by the Pirates last year, to be selected within the first 15 picks. They're divided on whether the righty, who is pitching in an independent league, can crack the top ten.
  • Scott Boras added a new client, Kentucky lefty James Paxton, according to one of Churcill's sources.
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